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dosent seem to work on mac

i found this as well. maybe it needs an intel cpu?


Any chance to update game for intel64 bit ro arm64 ?? Thank you so much.

wasd dosnt work :(

will there be a 32x bits ver?

can you  add wasd controls?


cool game.the graphics are amazing.but when i put so meny cars the game crashes but i think thats because i have lenovo G580



Its a great game! Best game! The graphics are good and funny! I dont know why the developer is not updating it, many thibgs can be done from it.. Its really good! There are bugs and sudden fps drops are there. I have 8GB RAM with 3.6Ghz speed and AMD RADEON VEGA 8 GRAPHICS CARD. I dont know why its haopenning.. anyways, good game


the game is cool, but the camera makes me vomit, if only you could improve it, would play the game more.


very cool and the graphics are omg!!!!

make more cars spawn

this game looks fun but I can't play it because it says that you need to update the game because I use OS X catalina

i cant play this game it says it has an error file


would love to play this on mac

is this ever going to get another update bc its a grate game with so much going for it 

*click* noice

my new favorite game

Is crashable cars are asset?

And if they're asset, can you give me the asset's name?

When I run the


command on the executable in Mac, It says it is a 

Mach-O executable i386

Can you compile it for 64-bit?

This doesn't work on my laptop - I need to ask the developer to have it updated.

The game is for 64-bit check if you have it in control panel then system

Yes, I have  64-bit MAC.



get the itch .io application and then download again and it should work

awesome! if you need some help with sounds and music just shot me... cheers


The game is actually funny, but the camera.... it's kinda annoying.


make the npc more smart and the glitch where they all die in the first lap


hey when are new things comming out like cars and maps would be great thanx


that would be cool new cars maybe not sure of maps but cares would be nice





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just an idea what if u can control the driver for example if your car breaks down if u have a certain amount of time to get in another car and start racing again and the game only ends when the driver dies? just an idea. love the game awesome not many games like this

so like a toned down version of gta sort of thing

kinda yea

yo u still here?

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I recommend making the camera a fixed camera. So it will not sway around when you turn or crash, it makes it kinda hard to see. Also the Z key is a glitch factory on my computer. It makes all the cars move to the exact same spot, therefor causing a ton of lag. I sometimes need to force quit the game to get it to stop. You might also want to increase the visibility, things are a bit blurry when they are far away.

Other than those things it is a pretty awesome game! The physics are amazing and the crashes are great! Hope to see future updates!   (New maps and cars would be really awesome!)            :)

It is funny xD. Is a good Idea. What does the key "Z"? 

The crashes are amazing!

I can see this be a very fun game --- steering is a bit rough with the keys -- turns too much.  Look forward to updates!

32 bits please 

What the hell does Z do

Very fun ! Only request: 1st  person cam

This game would probably go well with a first person cam, but other than that i enjoyed it quite well!

when will the new update come?

This game was extremely entertaining! the only thing I can say is that when you put 16 cars on the track the last few tend to get so messed up its impossible for them to completely take eachother out.  

Can't be the next big thing?


Very fun game, I'm definitely going to be following it.

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