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32 bits please 

What the hell does Z do

Very fun ! Only request: 1st  person cam

This game would probably go well with a first person cam, but other than that i enjoyed it quite well!

when will the new update come?

This game was extremely entertaining! the only thing I can say is that when you put 16 cars on the track the last few tend to get so messed up its impossible for them to completely take eachother out.  

Can't be the next big thing?


Very fun game, I'm definitely going to be following it.


love this game make more games or more updates its very good and i really like it 

love this game make more games or more updates its very good and i really like it 

add a first person cam

Can you change cameras? Like move around the cam

with the 1-5 key (not on the numpad). but they where all set up pretty fast and are far from perfect. working on an update

This game is so much fun, as forewarned, a tad glitchy, but so much fun!!

hahaha, i laughed a lot, thanks for the video!

This was really fun, for something so broken, it has so much potential.  The physics are fantastic, although most of the cars tend to wreck themselves almost immediately.  And it's incredibly difficult to wreck any other cars without wrecking yourself first.  The camera angle leads to some really great looking shots, but isn't useful at all when trying to actually drive.  An alternating camera choice would be helpful here.  But I had a lot of fun!

Where is the developer ?  its game so funny and hope fast to update for multiplayer and can play with friends 


iam here

(1 edit)

i cant drive forward i just stand there

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have you tried the arrow keys?



Had some pretty funny glitches and enjoyed the gameplay


What's the blue bar thingy on the bottom?


its the afterburner nitro that makes it possible to control the car go faster

Already found it out, but thanks anyway. (nvm means nevermind)

brb-means be right back, smth-something ,thx-thanks and?

I had fun with it, looking forward to seeing what you do with it :)

I enjoyed the game but it's annoying when most of the other drivers blow up before the game starts and the camera is super weird. But I think this game still has potential. 

The opposing cars quite often get destroyed while they go around the first corner, but if they do survive that, then they have to survive through a maniac driving the wrong way! Muhahahahaha!

Hi there. As you already made a Mac-Version... How complex is going to linux as well? ;)

I found a bug.
Before starting the game, you can accelerate the car.

Also add time for the turn on the track.
Leave the camera behind the car, because the camera is currently strange.

this is really fun, thank you! love all the crunchy sound effects

urrghh the camera is not leading my turns though ;-(

I had a TON of fun in this game!  Very promising for how early off it is :)  Excited to keep up with the updates!

z teleports all cars to the same place and x resets car conditions

ohoh. Someone found the debug keys :D

I was just messing around without reading the controls so i just pressed every button i found those and the ones mentioned in the description.

I really enjoyed this game it looks great and I should have paid more attention to the controls but other than that great job can't wait to see what you do with this. Keep up the great work! 


Camera is crappy, but apart from that, good!

I like how I can head on some-body at 150mph and be just fine but hit a tire and instantly die.

thanks for the feedback! 

Haha, yeah. The damage calculation is still a bit fucked up :D

Could you maybe tell me what you would change on the camera? That would help me a lot :)

I would make camera 1 follow the car more, if I am turning I often cannot see anything in front of me.

Loved the game. Apart from the camera, super fun to play with.

Also, when I increased the number of cars, it started lagging a bit. Just want to know if that's just me or is that happening to everyone?

thanks for the feedback! Could you maybe tell me what you would change on the camera? That would help me a lot :)

Regarding performance: it also breaks on my machine after 8 cars. Its not that much optimized yet. But i have some ideas how to improve that in the future. So stay tuned :)

Hi, I really liked this game!

Just wondering if the camera is supposed to be like that.

Appart from that :

  • Awesome visuals
  • Glorious crashes
  • And super fun to play!

I'm struggling to find fun car games, but yours is so good.

Keep up the good work mate, this game sure's got some potential in it!

thanks for the feedback! Could you maybe tell me what you would change on the camera? That would help me a lot :)

It doesn't follow the movement of the car fast enough, so is gets oriented to the right during the left turns. Thus I'm unable to see what's ahead.

Also the angle is too narrow/camera to close to the car.

Video unavailable.

yeah. Had rise against as background music. DCMA takedown ;) have to upload a new version soon

nice game, ther is a bug that wen you are boosting you can go right but not left.. and may by make it that if you slowdown it keep slow down until you press it again..

Here's my play of the game, sorry for it being short. I liked the game a lot, and I cant wait to see what you do next!

The game is great but my one thing I did not like is the camera angles. I wish they were more in the middle of the car not he sides. ever thing else is fine. Amazing Game!  

hey, thanks for the feedback! I appreciate every single bit of improvement idea.

For the camera angles you are right. I will add some more in the future :)

I loved every minute of this and did a video.

There's room for improvment but as a prototype, it's pretty cool


THIS GAME IS SO COOL!  The only thing is, i wish when i spawned more than 7 or 8 cars, they didn't overlap and break each other.  I also wish i could run it better on my computer.

oh, you are right. I only tested til 6 since thats all my computer can handle. Will be fixed :)

For the performance i have some ideas how to improve it. But there are a lot of flying and derformable parts on the cars which require some horse power :). So even in the future it sadly wont be a game for low spec pcs. But thanks for your feedback!

Very funny game :D Love it. Do more updates with more tracks and better Controller Support <3. Probably going to make a video about it soon.

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