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nice game, ther is a bug that wen you are boosting you can go right but not left.. and may by make it that if you slowdown it keep slow down until you press it again..

Here's my play of the game, sorry for it being short. I liked the game a lot, and I cant wait to see what you do next!

The game is great but my one thing I did not like is the camera angles. I wish they were more in the middle of the car not he sides. ever thing else is fine. Amazing Game!  

hey, thanks for the feedback! I appreciate every single bit of improvement idea.

For the camera angles you are right. I will add some more in the future :)

I loved every minute of this and did a video.

There's room for improvment but as a prototype, it's pretty cool


THIS GAME IS SO COOL!  The only thing is, i wish when i spawned more than 7 or 8 cars, they didn't overlap and break each other.  I also wish i could run it better on my computer.

oh, you are right. I only tested til 6 since thats all my computer can handle. Will be fixed :)

For the performance i have some ideas how to improve it. But there are a lot of flying and derformable parts on the cars which require some horse power :). So even in the future it sadly wont be a game for low spec pcs. But thanks for your feedback!

Very funny game :D Love it. Do more updates with more tracks and better Controller Support <3. Probably going to make a video about it soon.

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