Last Man Kicking version 1.1 is out now!

This update concentrates mostly on improving the usability and the overall gameplay experience.

So here are the changes:

Set drag from 1 to 0.5: 
Now the chair will slide a lot better and makes the gamplay more fluent and faster

Added a quit game button
In the main menu, pause menu and result screen is now a quit game button... because i simply forget this in the first version

Removed "Smash A Button" Text over the AI player 
Now you will only see a bar over the Ai Players which is less distracting

Wrote "smash shoot button" instead of "smash a button" 
Since that was confusing for people playing on a keyboard i replaced the A button graphic it with the word "shoot"

Raised accuracy for shooting
Now you can hit the ball a bit better but still not perfect all the time. Because business man usually dont know how to aim correctly with a shotgun

Raised fall down tolerance
Now you fall down less and not on every simple contact. Its still important to the gameplay that you fall down but it was a bit frustrating

Added warning screen if you start a match only with Ai Players


A lot of people had issues with the Team selection Screen and started the game only with ai players and wondered if the controls are broken. I added a check if you have selected a team or not and show a warning if you dont.

Fixed rotation bug
There was a weird bug that rotated the Chair against a different direction then you wanted to. Thats fiexed now

Changed start distance
The Players are now placed near the goal insted of near the center so you wont score a goal on first shot anymore which was a bit frustrating

Shooting is only on A now
Having the A and B button for shooting was leading to some hickups in the input system. So its only A from now on
(yes, its still A and B in the control screen)

But what would be an update without any cool stuff? So I added two more things:

Added Bombs


you can now throw bombs at the playfield by pointing your mouse towards the point where they should land and then hit the left mouse button to spawn them. They will distract the other players a tiny bit i think ;)

Added HR support

if you press the 0 key (not the zero on the numpad) you will spawn a teamless Ai player. You can spawn as much as your PC can handle. After a Goal they are all gone again.

I hope you have fun with this new update!
any wishes for the next update? tell me :)

known issues:
- Raising and lowering the gun only works on the keyboard and not on the gamepad. Moving the gun up and down is pretty useless so I will just remove this in a future update
- You can shoot already during the countdown
- Still no Linux Version

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Feb 22, 2018

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