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Such a good game!

I thought this game was supposed to be free lol

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alright buddy, iam gonna delete the previous video link again. All fine and thanks for playing it but i wanna give everyone the opportunity to show their videos. So please no doubble posts

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Made a let'splay! Thanks for your talent!

Channel link:

Okay game

This is an awesome game! I love the chaos and how fun it is!


Awesome game :)


It's a hard game to master, but if you use the bullet time trick you can quickly stack up those prisoners into the jail cell.


I was very impressed by this game. Here's my game expirience and some other stuff was i found most interesting.

why not free


WHERE IS CO-OP?!?!?!?!?!




I had too much fun with this game! Really awesome to play! :) I made a Let's play video for those interested to see what the game is about or for those who want to watch a funny Let's play! :D


This game was a ton of fun!

Awesome to check out :)

Character Customization

Gonna wrestle down and throw in those prisoners back in! Some people may not like the wacky prisoners but I really liked it, it just takes a while to get the hang of it and know when to use the bullet time! A lot more people should play this game~

Adam does a great job catching those prisoners though!

This game is so dam fun, i love it. GO SUPER ADAM!!!.


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THROW THEM IN | Prison Brawl

I said in the video that an arena ring would be so cool (619)

you should make it two player plzzz (one controller and one keyboard and you do it together

Hey, this game is so FANTASTIC !!!

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Excellent work Footbrawl love what you did with the game, was so much fun, catching and beating down prisoners! it was exhilirating as well as exciting, isn't that the same thing..? I think so xD Im dumb, but here, is my experience with the game! Enjoy :)

Prison Brawl/Letsplay

This game looks awesome, I'm aching to play it, even if I just have to wait a couple seconds.

Also, I found this game thanks to jacksepticeye on youtube. Made great advertisment for you. Got lucky.

The prison system is in disarray.

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My take on this awesome game :D

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An amazing game i played the **** out of it so much fun and if there were objects like in Footbrawl Playground (Bouncers and that) it will make the game even better P.S Please make a roof

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I played this game as part of my 3 Wee Free Games series. Both this and FootBrawl are really impressive!!!

this was a lot of fun :D

AMAZING! (I really hope he updates this more ^^)

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I enjoyed playing the game! Great game!

Hello everyone !

i agree with everyone that the game is AWESOME ! I had a great time playing it !

nice love the ragdoll game please more

This game was a ton of fun! I did find out that i'm not a good prison guard though..

i find a bug when you are in the bulettime you can pierce a wall (for exemple the jail )

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I have never been so pissed off by a game.

i just updated the version. so you shouldnt stuck in a wall anymore.

but if so, the 0 "zero" key will reset adam now

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