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how do you enter a car?

Is there a demo so I can make a video? 

I made a video on this game! Such a funny game.

It has been almost a year of me claiming this but WHERES THE UPDATE

Cool game. Started exploring the map until I GOT HIT BY A BUS XD

Quick question:

Those assets are yours or you got them from somewhere? They look really nice!

(The game is fantastic <3 )

I played for a video for possibly the second to last time?

I played another episode!

After having so much fun playing Prison Brawl a long way back, was super stoked to see another cool game in the making! Soccer may not be everyone's cup of tea but when it includes wacky ragdoll like this game it's a lot of fun. Would be very interesting to see if there was an option to select different area's to go to than just city. But it's super cool that you can just roam around and do what ever you want with the ball and players!

I had a lot of fun play this, come watch me be ridiculous


i downloaded the game when it was free and claimed it so will i get a steam key?

only when you payed at least 50cent for it


I never got any paid game from steam....i have one which my friend gifted to me on my birthday,Dawn of war 2..........other than that, no paid games:-(


This is the craziest game i've ever played, i totally loved it ! Here's my highlights-funny moments kinda video :)

I broke the game. It may be something to look into.

But I know just how hard programming games is, due to me doing it at one point myself.

if it lags check your pc if it has toasted potato if it has go to internet and type normal potato for pc and it should give you one more fps!

Jacksepticeye actually played this game!

Here's the other one:

I played! The hand was a little weird to control, though.

I've got another, more recent video coming.

In the object menu there is a DONT PRESS button. If i try to click it it scrolls back up and i cant press it

lol fun game.

I did a video on this game it was the most fun I've had in a long time!

Amazing game got it while it was free! I cant wait to see what this game turns into!

leafy (random) hope the game reaches completion soon?

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soon? No. Creating a good football game takes time

How do you get the game for free? Trying to get it before midnight. It's 10 now...

sorry, but i cant take every timezone into account... Happy new year

i cant even play cause it gets 10 fps

hey dude see your graphic controller if its toasted potato then i think you should go on the internet and search for normal potato and it should give you one more fps :)

i need controls

press the 6key ingame

I wanna know how I play it because I downloaded it but its only a file help pls

Hey i just wanted to know if it is possible to make custom maps?

goot gem

Thanks for making it FREE!!!

can someone tell me how to spawn balls in the game

check yo pants

Wait it isnt 1st of Jan 2017 it should be free, well its fun 10/10

I remember those crazy times when people said that there wasn't a place for killer cars in football.

999999999999999/10 - Super fun, this should cost 30$!!! And I ran it on my laptop (it is BAD performance.), and it ran just fine on 600x400 fastest. Awesome game!

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