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It won't let me play it just shows up as a zip file.

you have to unzip ot with winrar or something simmil

Its only two files I want the game NOT the files

i cannot play the game because it is forbiden any help

forbidden? Who forbid it to you

first i download it it stops and says network error then i resume than it says Forbidden

sorry mate, cant help you there.

Must be something wrong with your network


I tried downloading it but I can only see the file folder I can't play the game

Have you unzip it with winrar or something

If i get the game for free will i need to pay for it on January 1

nope, once you got it you can play free forever :)

Thanks. :D

I dont really know how to do so I can play it, Can someone give me instructions on how to like unzip it and other stuff?

nvm found out

You first need to extract the files from the compressed folder. Then you start the game using the .exe file. Make sure the _Data folder is in the same location as the .exe

Ive tried that but I got nothing that said "start" or ".exe"

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How do you move spawn gizmos? Left click doesn't work for me. (Spawn gizmos are from the settings menu)

hold down the left mouse button and drag them around. thats all

In beta 2 it doesn't let me select it, it just pans my camera

it lag in my pc

Put it to the lowest setting

you need a pretty decent pc - nothing is optimized yet. also dont spawn too much npcs

The street play looks really good.

which zip is better

Beta 2 is the more recent one

thank you i love the game

dose it lag on my pc my mermory is 2 gb ram


why don't you try it?

wow thats a LOT of ram, I have 16 Gb of ram!

How do i play the game

Use the .exe file in the folder, first unzip it into a folder then use either the 32 bit or 64 bit versions depending on your pc

How do you enter cars?

press E if it doesn't work go to the other side of the car then try again



where i start play?

Unzip the folder then run the .exe file inside

If i download it now will i need to pay when you need to pay for it January 1

No, because if you have an account you can claim the game so you can download it anytime you want and you can get free updates too! I am pretty sure I am correct!

Ok, thanks

got it


how do iinstall it

Do you need a good computer to play this? Every single time i spawn the teams the game crashes, and i'm playing this on the lowest quality possible.

THANKS for making this game FREE for CHRISTMAS!

  • Also i shared this game to my friends

This is a very fun game! Had to restart my game because of pressing the button you're not supposed to press multiple times! :D

i downloded it but cant find were i play it


Really fun game :D Even made a video on it.

Next time I have a friend over we will definitely play it!


a few words regarding the steam keys:

There is a simple reason why you wont get a steam key if you download the game for free: g2a or kinguin.

the game is 5,99 on steam. who can guarantee me that the steam key wont be sold on one of these platform? I have no problem with people getting the game for free or even pirate it - all fine for me. but i have a problem with g2a and other people making money with my work. So i am sorry.

I also couldn't put up the game for free on steam - you can suggest a price for your game and valve has to accept it. in my case it got denied for whatever reasons. So i hope you can understand this. have fun with the game :)

Thank you! :)

can you make it so we can link our account to steam so we can have this on steam?

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no - this wont work - sorry

cool, thanks =D

no steam key rip

you wont get a steam key if you get the game for free.

to prevent key scamming - you could sell the steam key for 5$ since its not free on steam


There is no steam key...

you wont get a steam key if you get the game for free.

to prevent key scamming - you could sell the steam key for 5$ since its not free on steam...

Make sense! Thanks for the game!!!

hey! thank you for being so kind!


no steam key ;(

you wont get a steam key if you get the game for free.

to prevent key scamming - you could sell the steam key for 5$ since its not free on steam


:o where steam key ? i cant found request key button

Same problem here, where is the request key button ?

"All owners of Footbrawl playground on can obtain a steam key when they click the request key button on their purchase page!"


Cant tell you right now. Have to check it tomorrow.

But i think its off while its for free. Cause you could get the game for free here and sell the steam key.

Do you have to buy the game because it looks funny and have ragdoll physics and i love ragdoll games

Hi I love your game and its physics engine...It kinda reminded me of the GTA 4 physics engine. Also I think bycicles would be kinda cool. Random But cool. Heck that is what this game is...

glad you like the game :)

I actually experimented with bycicles already:

but at the moment i wanna focus on getting more football gameplay into the game :)

I need help. when you download the game its a zip file. so how do you run it from there? I don't know where to go and what to run. can you give me a step by step tutorial plz? <3 my email is and can you plz email the tutorial to both emails. that would be great <3

Are you on windows? There you just habe to right click on the zip, and then on extract:

And then you should have a new folder called Footbrawl_playground at the same location where the zip is.

In the Footbrawl Playground folder you should have now a Footbrawl Playground 32bit.exe and a 64bit.exe -depending on your system you just have to double click one of these and the game starts.

Let me know if that helps :)

ye I am windows. I will see if that works. thx!!

thx your awesome!!!

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Hey, will you ever make it possible to request a steam key when you already bought it off of

Edit: oh nvm

yeah, i still trying to figure out how i can sent out mass mails to everyone at once :)

Not sure whether or not this helps but the developer(s) of a game called "Human fall flat" did this to give out steam keys to people who already own the game on

Steam keys to prototype owners available

Keys will be distributed to a purchaser when they first click the request key button on their purchase page.


i added some keys to the backend. Can you try it and tell me if it works

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Yeah, it works just fine

Oh, could you also add something to the description like "All owners of Super footbrawl playground on can obtain a steam key when they first click the request key button on their purchase page" so people know that they are able to get a steam key.

thanks! did that :)

so can you type in the minimum requirements plz

sure, just added it to the description :)

Kinda confused, So if this is the beta, will I get the full "Super footbrawl playground" game when it comes out if I buy this now?

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hey kennoley.

Thanks for your post! I think i will have to add a little FAQ section to the page.

Short answer no: super footbrawl will cost around 15$ - so i decided against some kind of pre order or early access since this would lead to a higher price. Also because footbrawl playground and super footbrawl wont have sooo much in common. Super Footbrawl will be a fast paced action arcade soccer game while footbrawl playground is "just" a physics sandbox with some basic football elements

I know this might sound like a ripoff but that is the only way to cover the developent cost and giving a relativ "cheap" demo. But still you will receive a fun game for your money

As a plus i will release this game:

for free if the sales count reach 100.

I hope that answes your question

Have a nice day

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